Thuan Hai Jeans Co., Ltd is Vietnamese manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers of Denim jeans, base in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Established in 2012, we now have sewing factory and cooporated sewing factories, washing facilities this allows us to be able to manufacture/ supply upto 100.000 pcs jeans per month. – Product range: Jeans products for men, women and kids – Denim materials: 100% cotton fabric, cotton-spandex, cotton poly, cotton poly spandex, cotton – tencel – spandex – Washing mode: Garment wash, enzime wash… Our local brands: One Blues Jeans We provide FOB, OEM, ODM services with profesional and skilled team. Our jeans products is not only supplied for domestics market, but also supply to market, but also export to customers in many countries: Korea, Japan, EU, USA and ect… Our advantage is we always have 300 – 500 yards of denim fabric is stock. This allows us to process the order quickly to meet the dealine of our customer. Beside, we have good relationship with fabric factories so we can do FOB orders with various kinds of denim fabrics. For further questions, please contact us, we are pleased to discuss with you.



Address:: 17A, No 24, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City Hotline: +84 907 112 447 (Call/ WhatsApp/ Viber) Email: Website:
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